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Tennessee Boar Hunting

Coyote Hunting

Over 2,600 acres of private, prime, 100% fair chase coyote hunting. Our coyote hunts take place on working farmland and require the utmost respect for the land, cattle, gates and other property related issues.

Coyote Hunting Area Info - click here

All coyote hunts require a minimum of a Tennessee small game hunting license. And all coyote hunts have an unlimited bag limit of coyotes.

Coyote hunting on private property is open year round in Tennessee. However combo hunts that include a different species must run concurrently with state season and weapons regulations for that animal. This means that coyote/deer combo hunts are only available during deer season which runs basically, from the end of September thru about December. Wild boar is also open year round on private property so coyote/boar combo hunts can occur at anytime throughout the year. All hunts that include a fair chase hunt requires a state hunting license.

Coyote hunters hunting more than one day also have the option of setting snares or other legal traps in accordance with state laws and regulations.


Coyote  Hunt Details

All coyote hunts require a minimum of a small game hunting license.

Take our great Tennessee coyote hunts and throw in some whitetail deer hunting or wild boar hunting for a great combination hunt.

11 - Coyote Hunt - most popular coyote package. This hunt includes 3 nights lodging, 3 days hunting, and meals. This is a semi-guided hunt with an unlimited bag limit of coyote.  

12 - Coyote & Wild Boar Combo Hunt - This hunt includes 3 nights lodging, 3 days hunting, and meals. This is a semi-guided hunt with an unlimited bag limit of coyote and 1 boar bag limit. This hunt is available year round.   

13 - Single Day Coyote Hunt - This is a semi-guided, 1 day hunt with an unlimited bag limit of coyote.  This hunt is 100% freerange, fair chase hunt.


5 - Guaranteed Boar Hunt & Whitetail Deer Combo Hunt - This hunt is for the hard core hunter who definitely wants to bring home a boar, but doesn't want to sit in the lodge after he does. The hunt includes 3 nights lodging, 3 days hunting, and meals. You also get one guaranteed boar from our fenced hunting area. Then you can spend the rest of your trip hunting fair chase whitetail deer, wild boar, coyotes or small game as state game seasons allow. The fair chase hunt is semi-guided hunt. The hunt has a bag limit of 1 guaranteed boar, 2 free range wild boar and one whitetail buck. If your hunt takes place during a time when anterless whitetail is open, you can hunt one of those also. The fair chase portion of the hunt is limited to one big game animal per day. This hunt also includes unlimited bag limit coyote.


Coyote Hunting Methods

We cater to your hunting style. You can hunt coyote by calling from a treestand, a shooting house, or from a ground blind. Depending on weather and animal movement sometimes all three methods are needed to get a coyote. Our coyote hunts are NOT 'canned shoots', it's coyote hunting.

Meat Processing

If you choose, we can process your meat as needed at an on-site butchering shop. Hunting prices above include the guide field dressing your boar and getting it back to the lodge. We can skin and quarter your boar or deer for $50 or get complete processing with vacuum packaging and labels $100. Add $15 for sausage.


Fair Chase Coyote & Deer Combo Hunts


Fair Chase Coyote Hunt - year round includes, 3 nights lodging, 3 days hunting, meals, semi-guided $595
12 Coyote & Wild Boar Combo Hunt - semi-guided hunt for coyote and wild boar. 3 days hunting, meals, semi-guided $995
13 Single Day Coyote Hunt - semi-guided, 1 hunter, coyote hunt $175
5 Coyote, Deer & Boar Combo freerange hunting with guaranteed opportunity boar hunt. 3 nights lodging, 3 days hunting, meals, guide. Generous bag limit. $1,250
  Coyote - unlimited bag limit coyote hunt included with fair chase huntsIncluded with fair chase hunts
  Guide for above hunts$150 per day
  Coyote Hunt Deposits $250


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* these packages are free range, fair chase hunts. Combo hunt dates must coincide with state hunting seasons. They also require Tennessee State Hunting License. License fees vary with hunters age, see below.

Free Range Hunts - License Requirements

Our fair chase, freerange hunts do require a hunting license. Guaranteed opportunity hunts include a license fee in the price. So combination deer boar hunts must run concurrent with state deer hunting seasons and weapons. Freerange hunts also require a Tennessee State Hunting License. License fees vary with hunters age, game to be taken, residency.

See additional Tennessee Hunting License details.


Legal and Recommended Weapons

Coyotes kills are usually are made at ranges from 10 yards out to 300+ yards. State law restrictions apply to all weapons used during coyote hunts. This is generally only an issue during our deer season between Oct and December, if your hunt is scheduled between these dates please discuss your weapon selection with me BEFORE booking your hunt.

  • Rifles.......223. 22-250, 220 Swift, .204, .243, etc. Of course if you don't have one of these calibers you can always use something larger like a .270, 30-06, or 7mm if destroying the fur is not an issue.
  • Shotgun...12 ga. #4 or larger
  • Black powder muzzle-loader
  • Handgun with scopes
  • Bows - compound bow, Recurve bows, cross bows also welcome but a heck of a challenge for most coyote hunts

Shooting sticks or a bi-pod are a good option when predator hunting.

(Hollow point and ballistic tipped bullets are not recommended for wild boar, but may be used on thinner skinned game.)

Welcome Female Hunters

We welcome and encourage female hunters to come hunting with us. We have a private room available as well as a separate restroom for the lady hunters.