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Tennessee Boar Hunting

The Area To Coyote Hunt

Over 2,600 acres of private, prime, fair chase coyote hunting. Our coyote hunts take place on working farmland and require the utmost respect for the land, cattle, gates and other property related issues. Click the following link for additional details and photos of the best areas of the main farm to coyote hunt.

Coyote Hunting Price List


Coyote hunting on private property is open year round in Tennessee. However combo hunts that include whitetail deer Hunting or hunting for turkey must run concurrently with state wide season and weapons regulations. This means that coyote/deer combo hunts are only available during deer season which runs from the end of September thru December.

Coyote Hunting Area Details

Your boar hunt can be either for fair chase, freerange boar, or a guaranteed hunt. Guaranteed hunts include license fees.

Take our great Tennessee wild boar hunts and throw in some whitetail deer hunting for a great combination hunt.


Coyote Hunting Methods

We cater to your hunting style but generally we hunt coyotes by calling with distress calls, or by mimicking coyotes call. You can also hunt from a treestand, a shooting house, a ground blind or spot and stalk. Depending on weather and animal movement sometimes a combination of methods is needed to put you on a coyote. Our coyote hunts are NOT 'canned shoots', it's Coyote hunting.

Taxidermy Service Available

We work with a premier local taxidermist who can professionally and artistically mount any animal we have available to hunt. we have lots of samples of his work available for you view, and his prices are very reasonable.







Fair chase Hunts - License Requirements

Our fair chase, freerange coyote hunts do require a minimum of a small game hunting license. If you have a big game or all game license, your covered for small game as well. License fees vary with hunters age, game to be taken, residency, etc call me for details. See below.

Tennessee non-resident license fees for the 2010-2011 hunting season are as follows:

  • Junior 7-day Small Game - for youths 13-15 years old (type 070), $9, minimum requirement for youths 13-15 years old to hunt coyote.
  • Junior All Game Annual - for youths 13-15 years old (type 086), $40
  • 7-day Small Game - (type 072) $50.50 (minimum requirement for adult non-resident coyote hunt)
  • 7-day All Game - for hunters 16 years old or older (type 074), $175.50
  • All Game Annual - for hunters 16 years old and older (type 073), $251.00

Legal and Recommended Weapons

Coyotes kills are usually are made at ranges from 10 yards out to 300+ yards. State law restrictions apply to all weapons used during coyote hunts. This is generally only an issue during our deer season between Oct and December, if your hunt is scheduled between these dates please discuss your weapon selection with me BEFORE booking your hunt.

  • Rifles.......223. 22-250, 220 Swift, .204, .243, etc Of course if you don't have one of these calibers you can always use something larger like a .270, 30-06, or 7mm if destroying the fur is not an issue.
  • Shotgun...12 ga. #4 or larger
  • Black powder muzzle-loader
  • Handgun with scopes
  • Bows - compound bow, Recurve bows, cross bows also welcome but a heck of a challenge for most coyote hunts

Shooting sticks or bi-pod are recommended when coyote hunting.

(Hollow point and ballistic tipped bullets are not recommended for wild boar, but may be used on thinner skinned game.)