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Tennessee Boar Hunting

Tennessee Boar Hunting Video

This is an unedited video of a March 2010 Tennessee boar hunt. This was an archery hunt and the hunter was using a compound bow. The camera operator was another boar hunter from the archers hunting party.

It had been raining cats & dogs for a while and the hunters were getting a little cold, and a lot wet. We decided to take a break from or spot & stalk hunting and took shelter out of the weather under a bluff line where boar sign was every where. We had been there about 20 - 25 minutes waiting for it to let up when the video starts.

Unfortunately the camera guy left the camera on as we ran up the hill, then turned it off, thinking he was turning it on, once we got to the top and could see the boar again.

I was a little worried about the shot, it was a little higher tan I like to see them especially when going in at an upward trajectory. However, this boar didn't go 40 yards. The broadhead had clipped the top of both lungs and was stuck in a rib on the far side. He weighed about 200 lbs and had pretty good top tusks, but the bottoms were broken.

You can see a picture of the boar here.