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Tennessee Boar Hunting

Wild Boar Hunting In Tennessee

This boar hunt was in middle Tennessee and a family came down to hunt together. We heard these boar fighting from a couple of hundred yards away and they were so busy going at it we snuck up on them and were able to get two boar with a minute of each other. The father, John, is shown here and he took the largest of the boar from the weekends hunt he was shooting a Marlin 444 at about 25 yards. This boar had some decent tusks and went around 300 lbs. John's son Adam took a nice boar as well.

Tennessee Boar Hunting

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One of the question I frequently get asked is what is the best caliber gun for hunting wild boar. That is a tough question. It's kind of like asking which is better, Ford or Chevy? You can ask 25 experienced boar hunters and get 30 different answers. Having said that, the guns I have seen the best recovery with when boar hunting are 12 ga with slug, 45-70, .444, 35 Rem, 30-30 to name a few.